Actualité du: 12 mai 2009

UK Teenagers Honor Friend’s Memory and Help Hadassah’s Children Simultaneously

In 2006, a group of teenagers from the United Kingdom raised over $20,000 for the children in the Hadassah Medical Center’s pediatric oncology department through a Walk-a-Thon, in memory of their friend, Zoe Jacobs, who died of a leukemia-related infection.  Recently, while on a youth group trip to Israel, they visited Hadassah and saw the entertainment trolleys purchased thanks to their donation.

When Zoe died at age 15, her friends wanted to honor her memory in a special way. After consulting with Zoe’s parents and Hadassah United Kingdom, they decided to raise money to help the children in pediatric oncology to cope with their long stays in the hospital. Through their sponsored Walk-a-Thon and sale of tee shirts to family and friends, they raised enough money to fund 10 entertainment trolleys.

While at Hadassah, the group spent part of their visit painting with Hadassah’s pediatric patients, but they also were on hand for a ceremony unveiling the plaque which commemorates the gift in Zoe’s honor.