Young Hadassah International

Changing the world requires energy, imagination, and optimistic fearlessness. Leading the way for future generations, Young Hadassah International is comprised of volunteers aged 18-35—men and women of all faiths, nationalities, backgrounds, and professions.  To fulfill its mission of supporting the Hadassah Medical Organization, Young Hadassah International puts a new spin on the age-old “fund-raiser,” creating fun, trendy events in local communities around the world, from theater parties and discos to fashion shows, lectures, and “World Wide Walks.”

Young Hadassah International also focuses on training Hadassah International’s future leaders…identifying vital community health concerns…contributing to important research and medical advances…and generally helping to make the world a healthier place.

YHI Mission

Young Hadassah International impacts medical care worldwide by uniting young adults to build awareness and support for the Hadassah Medical Organization, a pioneering institution of healing, teaching, research, and global outreach.

Through the universal language of medicine, the Hadassah Medical Organization, reaches well beyond its walls in the Middle East to provide cutting-edge healthcare without discrimination. Hadassah health professionals travel to developing nations to heal the sick and wounded, to share research breakthroughs, and to educate health professionals in the latest innovative clinical techniques.



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