Actualité du: 22 avril 2009

Hadassah Heart Institute Reaches Into the Community To Enhance Life

With the goal of providing all of Jerusalem’s heart patients with an optimal quality of life, the Hadassah Medical Center’s Heart Institute set up satellite clinics around the city. The result: 68 percent of the patients who came to a Hadassah heart failure clinic reported an improvement in their ability to function in daily life.

Frequently, heart failure patients do not take the proper doses of medication or care for themselves effectively. At these satellite centers, a Hadassah cardiologist optimizes the patients’ drug therapy and determines whether they would benefit from more advanced interventions such as biventricular pacemakers or defibrillators. A specially trained nurse creates a tailor-made program for each of the patients, mentoring them about managing their diet and staying alert to signs of any deterioration in their heart.

A survey at one of the centers revealed that there was a 58 percent decrease in the number of hospitalizations among patients who came to the center. In addition, compliance with medication regimens more than doubled thanks to monitoring by the center’s multidisciplinary team.